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Marquis Perfume By REMY MARQUIS 3.4oz



Marquis Perfume by Remy Marquis was launched in 1999. Marquis is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. Boasting a rare formulation of musky, floral, fresh and woody accords. Marquis by Remy Marquis is in a fragrance class all by itself. Apply a little bit of this beloved women's scent to elevate your daytime work confidence to immeasurable levels. Dab a few drops onto your wrists and neck to inject another layer of energy into your glamorous, nighttime look. Encircle yourself with its aroma when you are home alone and need a refreshing pick-me-up. This fragrance is highly reviewed as being one of the most statement making scents on a woman. Main Accords: Warm Spicy, Woody, Balsamic, White Floral, Patchouli, Powdery Style: Expensive, Lovely, Elegant, Affluent, Fun, Work Perfume rating: 4.13 out of 5 with 123 votes.