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Miami Playboy Cologne



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Playboy Miami is sexy, lustrous,and sensual. Passion for life is shown in a pleasant mixture of bergamot with green vegetable, apple and ozone. The heart of this fragrance is dominated by rosewood, along with jasmine and cyclamen, while a base attracts attention with amber, musk, and cedar. This leaves a magnetic scent on a man’s skin and charms the gentler sex in a seductive way. The fragrance embodies the style and dynamics of life in four major cities, Miami, Hollywood, Malibu, and Vegas. This scent gives off an erotic allusion which tingles women’s imagination. Main Accords: Woody, Citrus, Green, Marine, Floral Style: Fresh, Day, Confident, Sporty, Attractive Perfume rating: 4.72 out of 5 86 votes.

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