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Versace Eros Cologne By Gianni Versace



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Versace Eros Cologne by Versace, You'd expect nothing less than a manly fragrance from the design house of versace, and you'll get it with versace eros, a decadent fragrance for men of distinction . This woody fresh scent has a definitive oriental vibe that is daring and adventurous-just like you. It features a crisp zing of mint oil embraced by fruity green apple and italian lemon with memorable notes of geranium flowers and venezuelan ambroxan in a succulently sensuous medley that clings to your skin all day. 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray

Customer Reviews

Nick Q. - 11/22/2016

One of my Favs

Seems strong at first but 30 min later it seemed let down. It stayed around for the whole evening and could still smell it on myself the end of the night. However like all of them you should try before you buy.

Eric N. - 08/12/2016

I get the MOST complimetnes on this cologne

It wears well all day! I've had 12 total colognes and I get the most compliments on this one by FAR.

Harrison K. - 08/03/2016

Try before you buy

I gave this cologne an honest try, I've seen other reviews from around the net and decided to blind buy. I was unfortunately let down. At first, the fresh citrus is nice but it's got too much of a dirty smell to it as it dries down. (None of the notes after the top notes really distinguish themselves) Projection is powerful. And It Lasts a VERY long time. Almost 16hrs. so there's a plus. (I think it's the ambroxan that i'm not enjoying) While this is my opinion, i did let a bunch of friends and family sample this fragrance, they followed my consensus. Now i can see a more mature audience enjoying this fragrance. I simply suggest you try before you buy. You actually might enjoy this.

J. P. - 04/28/2016

Smells amazing!

This scent smells fantastic! I always get complaints from this fragrance. Only down side was my sample bottle was 2/3 filled while my other 2 samples were full but besides that I will definitely be buy a bottle here soon

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