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Green Irish Tweed Cologne by Creed



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Green Irish Tweed Cologne by Creed, Creed green irish tweed was originally created for actor cary grant . The spicy, sporty blend contains notes of mysore sandalwood, ambergris, violet leaves, french verbena, and florentine iris. 2.5 oz Millesime Spray

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Harrison K. - 08/03/2016


You hear people rant and rave about Creed all day long. And for good reason. This Green Irish Tweed smells like fresh cut grass on a cool spring morning followed by the flowers blooming in the afternoon. That's the best way i can describe it. Fresh, Clean, & Floral. Awesome Projection. Lasts VERY long, almost 24hrs on my skin. Since it's so strong, one bottle WILL LAST a very long time, even if you decide to wear it everyday. While the Creed price tags seem to keep people from trying them a lot more, believe me, you get what you pay for. And once you try them, you'll understand completely. Definitely Pick This One Up if you want a signature scent that will garner TONS of compliments.

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